The Céili House is Dublin’s fantastic new Irish music & dance show

Many of the show performers are direct from world tours with Riverdance the Show. With a live band, full dance troupe and award-winning food, this is sure to be the highlight evening of your visit to Ireland.An Irish Céili embodies Ireland’s warm welcome and is very much about the fun and participation of all guests. The Céili House prides itself on these values. Visitors to the show are very much treated as our house guests, just as they would at, for example, a traditional Irish wedding. We make sure all our guests have the ‘craic’! (Irish term for fun and enjoyment!)


Ceili’ is a traditional Irish word for a music and dance party. The Céili House Show is an old-style Irish ‘knees-up’ with a modern, interactive twist. 

Musician & Dancer Insights:

Our Céili House artists enjoy what they do because they’re the best in the business, performing the world over. However, in a very down-to-earth way, they allow our guests an insight into how they ply their trade. Our musicians explain the instruments they play and the deep ancient culture behind their art. Our dancers explain the basics of the intricate steps that dazzle audiences everywhere.

Audience members are very much part of the night and get an opportunity to learn a traditional Irish dance and an Irish tune on the tin-whistle or bodhrán.


Learning a Tune & a Dance:

It’s important our guests feel part of the Céili House Irish night. So our artists allow audience members to join them onstage. They’re taught simple Irish tunes on the tin-whistle or some unique rhythms on the bodhrán (Irish frame drum). They’re also taught a simple Irish céili dance that can involve large number of people.

The Ceili House

Taking the Floor

The Céili House venue has a specially designed dancefloor where as many guests as possible are invited to take part in an Irish Céili Dance, instructed and led by our expert dancers. This is unique to the Céili House and is often the highlight of many people’s visit to Ireland. What better way to sample our culture than to dance with the Riverdancers themselves!