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Reflections of Time
The White House
The White House stands still on the old Dublin to Derry road
For generations, the Rutledge family have proudly upheld their mantra “easy to find hard to forget”!
Patrons rest from their onward journey bound
Imbued in history as the original archway stands, once an entrance to the Red Lion’s courtyard
Folktales told, “one should never travel after dusk for fear of the highway robber,” – whispering Michael Collier was his name
Good spirit from the locals as they cheer, “Twas the Americans in Washington copied our good name !”
‘Bric- á- brac’, we see tradition as historic paintings and stories frequent the walls. Lucky horse shoes, and evern a green water pump, to beacon you in
Others surrender to modernisation, but a traffic fleets past one see a glimpse of the old red telephone box standing proud
The White House welcomes family, friends and even the odd foe
Community is its strength – ‘once a neighbour always a friend


Written By
Verona Pentony