Beauty SalonAre you ready to look and feel younger ?

Have you ever wondered why when it comes to looking young for your age, time appears to stand still for some and accelerate for others. Unlock the secret with this revolutionary Galvanic Spa System Our powerful anti-ageing products target the sources of visible signs of ageing to help you look more youthful and radiant – all in a luxurious spa experience at home

Combine spa results with the unprecedented scientific discovery and achieve phenomenal skin appearance that will keep everyone guessing your age. Rejuvenate your complexion Research has shown that pulsating direct current, though not felt, act as a physical vibrations that can ultimately help stimulate, purify and refresh the skin and help the visible signs of aging. Nu skin technology Soften and relaxes pores Dissolves and liquefies excess face oils Facilities recovery from stress, revives and invigorates tired skin Targets the source of the visible signs of ageing to preserve a youthful look and minimise the appearance of aging.

Anti Ageing






Shaping Gel is an intensive spa quality treatment that

minimises and smoothes the appearance of cellulite.

Patented self-adjusting galvanic currents work

synergistically with proven ingredients and the Nu Skin

Galvanic Spa System™ II Body Conductor to facilitate the

transport of key ingredients deep into the skin.

This exclusive treatment concentrates cellular energy to help do the following:

Break down fat

 Reduce fat storage

 Increase circulation to remove toxins

 Increase the firmness of skin

 Even out dimpled areas


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